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• High Freestyle - Skater must consistently land a Double Toe Loop or Double Salchow, and/or be working on Novice MIF or higher.

• Open Contract – Open to skaters in Basic 6 and above.

• Low/Open Contract – Open to ALL but Basic 4-5 skaters limited to this hour.

• No pro-rating ice fees or splitting sessions. Must purchase full session.

• Buy-on ice may be purchased for $20/hour for days not contracted.

• Family Discount = 10% off skater’s contract of lesser value. Must be Intro or Home ERFSC members to qualify for discount.

• $35 will be charged for any returned checks.

• $25 Late Fee will be charged if contract is not received by the due date.


Class Details

Advanced Technique – Freeskate 6 or Higher Advanced technique is a class that focuses on a strong foundation to develop advanced spin variations and double and triple jumps. Focus is on the following skills: Spins:

  • • Entrance
  • • Foundational spins (Front, Back, Sit, Camel & Layback)
  • • Introduction to variations once the foundation spin is established Jumps:
  • • Jump patterns
  • • Proper takeoffs & air position on all singles (this is the foundation for doubles and triples)
  • • Rotation Exercises
  • • Axel Exercises
  • • Double Salchow-Double Loop Exercises Time Structure of the class:
  • • 5 minute large group warm-up (edges)
  • • 30 minutes jumps
  • • 25 minutes spins This class provides skaters with 60 minutes of ice time and instruction.

Power / Edge – Passed Pre-Preliminary MIF The focus of this class is on proper edges which are the foundation for all skating skills, including jumps and spins. Skaters will also learn how to properly use their edges to gain power, speed and control. The class will also be incorporating endurance training. This class provides skaters with 60 minutes of ice time and instruction.

Low Dance – Passed Pre-Preliminary MIF Learn the fundamentals of ice dancing and get started learning the first dance tests! This class is geared toward skaters of level Pre- Preliminary MIF and above interested in trying dance (or with advance instructor permission). Ice dance teaches efficient, strong skating skills and is highly valued by coaches of all disciplines for its ability to help skaters understand excellent posture, edges and skating to music. This class provides skaters with 30 minutes of ice time and instruction.

Choreography, Transitions, and Creative Elements - Passed Pre-Preliminary MIF This class will focus on the "non-elements" in a program, including body carriage and alignment, smooth transitions, creative positions, footwork and edges. Each week we will challenge skaters to learn new skills, improve their skating quality, understand IJS scores, and give them a broader range of movements they can draw from to make their skating more dynamic and creative. Skaters should be prepared to be challenged (regardless of level) each week. This class provides skaters with 45 minutes of ice time and instruction.

High Dance – Working on Bronze (Juvenile) Dances or Higher The focus of the class will be learning advanced ice dance techniques to apply them to more challenging dances, building on skills learned on the previous tests. We will use skills that apply to dancers of every level and challenge all skaters in the class to improve their technique, expression and skating quality. This class provides skaters with 45 minutes of ice time and instruction.

Rising Stars – Basic 2–5 This fun and exciting class will help get your little star reaching for the sky. Available for Basic 2-5 skaters looking to see what the sport of figure skating has to offer, as well as build on their basic skating skills. Each skater will receive his or her own program to music and the opportunity to compete at an in-house exhibition on the last day of class. This class provides skaters with 1 full hour of ice time and instruction. So get ready, your star is about to shine!

Junior Club – PreFree and Freeskate 1-6 Summer session Junior Club is 1 full hour of on ice instruction designed to build a strong foundation of basic skating skills. Skaters will be grouped according to skill level - The lower levels will work on core skating skills that have been learned in the Basic Skills program in order to help them progress more quickly in their Learn to Skate levels. The higher levels will focus on the more advanced skills of the program, including proper jump, spin, and edge technique. All levels will focus on learning and improving a variety of turns and edges. By mastering proper use of the blade, the skater will have the necessary edge control required for advanced freeskating skills. *See ‘Private Lessons’ for an additional opportunity to skate.

Mini Camp – Basic 4–PreFree and Freeskate 1-6 This program will include both on ice and off ice activities. Similar to Junior Club, skaters will be grouped according to skill level. The intent of this program is to continue development of core skating skills, promote awareness of proper off-ice conditioning, experience putting together their very own skating program to music and most importantly to have fun with other skaters. It will also be a wonderful ‘jump start’ to August Accelerated Freestyle. This class provides skaters with 3 days of 1.5 hours of ice time with instruction and 30 minutes of off ice time with instruction.

Accelerated Freestyle – PreFree and Freeskate 1-6 Have you seen skating on TV and wanted to be able to skate like them? Want to learn more skating moves? Then this is the class for you! ERFSC’s Accelerated Freestyle teaches skaters PreFree and Freeskate 1-6. Our instructors are from our club and have competed on behalf of our club. *See ‘Private Lessons’ for an additional opportunity to skate.

Private Lessons If your skater is participating in Accelerated Freestyle or Junior Club, they are eligible to purchase one hour of contract ice per week until the Fall session. Skaters must be in a lesson with a coach while on contract ice. Private coaching ranges from $7-$20 for 20 minutes (less if having a semi-private lesson). Please complete and submit a ‘Private Lessons’ form (found on our website) and once you have chosen a coach, they are considered your Head Coach until you formally discontinue your coaching relationship. At this level, skaters do not need more than one coach.

ERFSC Club Membership At any time, you may choose to join the Elk River Figure Skating Club (ERFSC). You may participate in all of the above, but there are additional benefits to joining the club, such as you may purchase additional hours of contract ice, skaters receive the monthly “Skating” magazine, and are eligible for all the other club benefits.